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In simple terms a program residing on server and end user accessing it via web clients (web browsers) are known as web application.

There is a thin line between websites and web application. In majority of the cases Web site serves the data in uniform way to all requests, while web application returns results to display various result pages based on user inputs. So in short web applications are those which serve data based on user’s interaction and inputs.

Majority of the websites were static in nature initially meaning there were no database storing or keeping any data or details. Sites were the way of showing the content pre-written withing the pages. Even though the websites were static in nature it attracted major Internet mass as they might not need any special softwares to install in order to access the information online. This flexibility helped web scale tremendously.

We have a strong knowdged of ASP.NET so we develop web application in Asp.Net with MS SQL Server(Database).

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Our Main & Foremost approach is Client Oriented Services with seamless communication & Complete Transparency of Activities. Our goal is to make long-term relationship which reflects in our services covering every aspects of the Application Development.

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