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Maintenance of a website is a continuous process of improvement and support to keep it working and up-to-date. But developing and updating a website on regular basis can be a tedious work, this is also an expensive task. Hiring a professional for this job can be much more expensive.

Genposys Technologies Private Limited can help businesses to reduce their costs by eliminating the need for dedicated human & time resource. AMCs are used to ensure maximum uptime and systems availability for businesses to operate upon. The service providers need to follow standards with strict KPIs to ensure high level of service.

A standard hosting will not protect you from hacking attempts nor will it ensure that your site is securely backed up. For protection, it is recommended that you sign up for an Annual Support & Maintenance Contract. This service ensures that your website is protected and secured to the best possible extent. Companies that are not under an annual maintenance contract agreement, are taking a huge risk.

What we do on our website maintainance services ?

Making updates related to design, development functionality, content and new website development.

Update in company directories and staff profiles.

Add news to website

Request to change an address or contact information

Design new web pages with new products or services.

Update in product pricing

Add promotions to the website

Changing in hours of operation and contact information

Analysing website for broken links

Website updates and backups

Fixing bugs or errors on your website

Reviewing link structure and sitemap

Changing website content, images and pages for SEO

SEO optimisation images and tags for search engines

Website domain and hosting

Web server migrations

For your very specific industry,
we deliver Quality Website Maintenance solution

Quality Work
We are committed to provide quality work within given timeframe. We are fully confident to work on your project and deliver it on time.
Competitive Pricing
To make it affordable for small businesses we are very competitively priced in our segment. Just request a quote and you will believe it.
Satisfactory Support
We have dedicated team who will provide satisfactory support. They available 24x7 to provide email, phone and chat support.

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